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Pros and Cons of Native, HTML5 and Hybrid Apps

HTML5, Native and Hybrid are the three major app types. But which to choose? This is a big headache for most of the app aspirants. If you are one of them, you can easily come out of that by choosing the best mobile app development company in los angeles as they are internationally recognized for helping business owners taking a right app decision. I am here to explain the pros and cons of each method so that you can choose the best method which suits your app.

Native Apps:

Native apps are developed for one platform which can take full advantage of all device features. It provides the best user experience. Keep in mind that all popular apps are native apps.When a user open native app they might get attracted because these apps are faster, follow certain standard of using and more responsive with the API.Native apps’ look and feel is consistent.

Some factors that you need to know about native app development. Let us see what the factors are…

Native App

Pros of Native App

·         Multi touch features like double tap and pinch-spreadare possible

·         The utilization of built-in components like camera, geo-location, and address book arepossible in native app development.


Cons of Native App

·         The major issue with the native app is the hardness in developing the app. To get face this, you have to have an experienced, professional and highly skilled team, most importantly having confidence in the team of developers.

·         The cost of recruiting the experts is anotherbig headache. In fact the cost of HTML5 app development is half of a standard Native app. Most importantly, as said the process is time consuming with often technical setbacks and ambushing hurdles. Those on a tight budget or deadline should consider this as a deciding factor.


Native app meets all your expectations, but you have to cope with unavoidable time consumption and price tag.



Pros of HTML5 app development

·         The HTML5 technology is a stem of root HTML. HTML5 apps are web based where it can be opened through a mobile browser. Developing an app using HTML5 is very easy. Developers who have knowledge of web based technologiesfeel easy to develop an app for the mobile. This technology is cheaper and quicker to develop.

·         HTML is “Write once runs anywhere” methodology. It means the code is reusable across any mobile device which reduces the development cost. Maintenance is easy compared to native. If you reuse the code, it’s easy for testing and to fix bugs. HTML is popular for web based application. It is also proved for mobile apps.


Cons of HTML5 App Development

·         It is not possible to develop a highly attractive app if you opt web app. And it is also not very much user-friendly as native apps.

By cleverly copingwith UX/UI framework, the major obstacles associated with web appscan be faced.


Hybrid App

Hybrid app is the combination of Web application and Native app elements. It is built with HTML elements and some native features. One of the best alternativesfor the above two is Hybrid, but it is complicated.Aclever team is more important to create such a complicated app. But, if it’s done, it is difficult to tell the difference between Native and Hybrid apps.


Want to develop HTML5, Native or Hybrid app?


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Tips to Build Successful Enterprise App

Mobile application development is the term which describes the software application for the handheld device which reduces the human effort in the business operations. “N” numbers of apps are available in the app store which satisfy the user needs. So apps play an important role in the human lifestyle.Companies also started using an app to interact with the employees or business owners or clientsto check the workflow status, etc. These apps are known as “Enterprise apps”. 
If you are a los angeles based business, you may know there are many best mobile app development companies in los angeles that are providing the best app development service for enterprises as well as for startups. I am here to explain what are the essential things need to be considered before developing your enterprise app.

Organizations knows only “mobile app” is not good enough for their revenue growth. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) polices and other enterprise applications have to be implemented in the organization to avoid decreasing productivity rate, revenues and other workflow process deficiency.Today on an average 2 billion people are using handheld devices for their needs. Therefore, there is a necessity to have an enterprise app. Before reaching your mobile app developers go through the following strategies that your enterprise mobile app must have. 

1.    App is a Planner
Do you know what is“The App is a Planner"?
Ya, the subtle is simple...
Synchronize all your devices with your enterprise app. This makes you to stay on one page where you can monitor all the activities performed within the organization. Linking database and systems and enterprise unification makes the work easier and store all the data in one place.

2.    The mobile app must be accessible easily
The data should be accessible by the employees. Also the app should be accessible atleast for all enterprise systems. Optimization for mobile has to be done before launching your enterprise app in the app store. Developers have to make sure that the designed enterprise app should run on multiple platforms.

3.    Make a mobile app Interesting
E-marketer has done the research and stated that, people in China are not engaging mobile app for a long time. They are not able to retain the customers after the first week of application use. Here the question arises, “Why do people uninstall the app from their own device”. The reasons are many. One of them can be the app doesn’t satisfy the user needs. So developers have to keep in mind about the app functionality and make the app user-friendly. The app must have proper user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. 

4.    The App Data must be Secure
Every Smartphoneuser’s store their data and information for later use. It can be easily accessible.If the storage facility is there, the strong security must be there. The data security is crucial and more challenging for the developer in buildingenterprise app. Make sure that your data is secured across different platforms before launching. 
The points which I listed above are important for the enterprise apps. Keep these points in mind while discussing with app developers. Robust and secure enterprise app isnot only helpful for the employees, but also it increases the company’srevenues. 

Have a Plan to Develop Enterprise App?
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Educational Apps Changing the Face of Today’s Classroom

Educational Apps Changing the Face of Today’s Classroom

Android, iPhone, iPad and other smart phones are widely used in our day-to-day life. Usage of smart phones is increasing among the students or the youngsters. So many people suggested to change the learning system so that students can learn systematically to effectively build their career. Educational app helps students to learn quickly and easier. Educational app can encourage below average students to involve in the study with more concentration. So implementing the educational app in the schools makes the student to learn in an interactive way. 
Now-a-days, the smart phones are used by the students as well as teachers to share the study material, assignments, on-line tutorial, project etc. There is a large number of schools in foreign countries adapted iPad in their teaching methodology. This techniquehelps them to move e-books from textbook easily. The implementation of online textbooks made the student and teacher to search the infinite information very easily. So, the educational app on the iPad using insidethe classroom has absolutely turned out to be a successful one.
Skype is the most popular communication app in the world. Skype is the instant messaging and voice chat application which makes the user to connect from one place to another location with an internet access. It allows the user to have video and voice call for personal and professional purposes. By the end of 2013, more than 10000 teachers joinedthe Skype to guide their students.
The educational apps not only change the classroom atmosphere but also the way through students can learn. Well, the change is definitely a positive one.The latest changes can be updated easily by using this app. Today students and teachers have not to wait for the new books or the updated version.Another aspect of e-book is that financial issues do not come to the students. This curiosity made student to learn. There are plenty of apps available in the app store through which students can download educational app free. Teachers also believe that the integrated app in the schools has made kids to learn enthusiastically.

Benefits from introducing mobile technology in the educational sector:
•    It creates curiosity among students
•    Knowingrecent events happening across the globe
•    Easily learningtough subjects like math and science and achieving problem solving techniques
•    Encourage readers with good deigns
Special advantages from using iPad in schools compared to other devices:
•    iPad is alight weight and easily portable device and also easy to use.
•    iPad saves money with all the essential materials for study such as notebooks, diaries, calculators, etc.
•    Touch screen content makes student to engage for longer time.
•    iPad is a perfect mobile device to view the content and do research.
•    iPad has a good battery backup
•    iPad replaces the bag full of books, reduces the strain.
•    Children are eager to grasp new technologies, so with iPad, it can be easy for them.

So, these are the benefits students can get and helpthem to learn to build up the career with strong foundation. So, FuGenX is helping millions of students to build a strong pillar for their career with innovative educational apps. FuGenX is the fastest growing mobile apps development companies in Los Angeles, California. The usage of smart phone is increasing day-by-day in educational sector. FuGenX develops apps for various platforms like Android application, iPhone application, iPad application, Blackberry application and Windows application. We have developed more than 1000 mobile apps and games. For more information on our mobile app development, visit www.fugenx.com.If you have any queries, drop mail to info@fugenx.com. 

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How mobile app is helpful for Oil and Gas industry?

How mobile app is helpful for Oil and Gas industry?

Mobile technology plays an important role in our day-to-day life. Many small scale and large scale industries which not used technologies earlier are also utilizing mobile technology to enhance business performance. Oil and gas industry is one of the major utilizers of mobile technology among them. Oil and gas industry plays a vital role in many countries economy. In oil and gas industry, mobile app development is helpful for both in-house and field activities. Lots of people from infield activities suffer due to fill out the paper forms and handle it daily. Here, the time is more consumed, the paper gets easily damaged and other possible issues may occur. This leads to waste of time and money. Now, we are in the 21st century; we should think of the latest technology and implement that in the digital form in a better way. It not only reduces the use of paper, but it makes the process easier. All forms and documents are required to be set in the same device and are increasing all the time, rather than trying to sort out the piles of paper. Using mobile devices and tablets makes you to deliver and share large amount of data very easily.

Let us concentrate on how mobile application development helps oil and gas industry...

The people from large scale industries are urgent need of mobile approach. Many kinds of business applications are available in the digital market, which makes the employees feel easy and comfortable. Data collecting mobile app is best suited for oil and gas industry. The major forms used in the oil and gas companies are risk assessments, equipment inspections, accident reports, internal work orders, drilling reports, oil production reports, etc.These industries are more challenging for mobile app developers to create the innovative app.Building an app with additional features like GPS, calculators, web service, etc can be an essential tool for infield workers in oil and gas industry. Communication can significantly improve in mobile app oil and gas industry, and therefore, increaseefficiency, allowforfaster andbetter informeddecision-makingstatements.

Advantage of using the mobile app in oil and gas industry…

1.       Provide access to data in real time in the field:

Mobile business applications enable field workers to capture and validate data in the right place to contribute. Data sharing, scanners, storage option, e-signature etc. make infield and out-field workers to perform their task easily.


2.       Increase productivity and reduce unplanned downtime:

Study of mobile applications via built-in location tracking application with efficient inventory tracking, convenient data sharing, and improved interaction results in increased equipment reliability and reduced costs. By implementing mobile app in oil and gas companies can increase the performance of their existing systems and reduce the unplanned time that happens due to equipment failure.


3.       Improving workforce safety and protecting the environment

Mobile application protects the whole environment by detecting the equipment failure and ensures the safe workflow.

Mobile app ensures safety and reliability:

Mobile application helps infield workers to quickly solve problems and provide real-time critical information. The field engineers can significantly reduce work order completion time and increase scheduling efficiency.